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Al XVIII-lea Congres al PCC

Chinese President Hu Jintao has opened a Communist Party congress that begins a once-in-a-decade power transfer with a stark warning on corruption. Click aici.

O saptamina, care conform opiniei internationale, va decide viitorul Chinei. Aici

Istoria a dovedit ca P.C. Chinez constituie nucleul poporului chinez, reazemul natiunii chineze si o puternica forta de conducere pentru invingerea tuturor dificultatilor si privatiunilor. Asumindu-si marile responsabilitati si sperante ale celor 80 de milioane de membri de partid si a celor 1,3 miliarde de cetateni, cei peste 2.200 de delegati veniti din diferite zone ale tarii s-au reunit la Beijing la actualul Congres. Ei vor participa cu simtul raspunderii politice şi misiunii istorice la lucrările Congresului, care se va incununa cu succes deplin si va fi consemnat in analele de istorie a partidului si a tarii. Aici

Here are eight reasons – eight being an auspicious number in China – why the world should pay attention to what happens in the secretive corridors of Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. Aici

China’s 18th Communist Party Congress convenes in Beijing on Nov. 8 for a once-a-decade leadership change. See how the party is organized and which seats are at stake. Grafica interesanta Aici

China is likely to hand control over the world’s most populous nation to Xi Jinping. But very little is known about the man who has risen to the top of China’s ruling Communist Party. Aici

Xi Jinping urmeaza sa fie ales presedinte al Chinei in martie anul viitor, moment in care se va incheia tranzitia catre cea de-a 5-a generatie a liderilor comunisti chinezi. Aici

O astfel de schimbare are loc in China o singura data la zece ani. Joi incepe Al 18-lea Congres al Partidului Comunist Chinez la finalul caruia, peste o saptamana, generatia de lideri care conduce astazi China va fi inlocuita. Intre cei care vin si cei care pleaca exista o diferenta esentiala. Dar Partidul este in tot si in toate, reusind sa conserve un parteneriat fara precedent in istorie: cel dintre liderii comunisti si afaceristii capitalisti. Aici

Si, cireasa de pe tort, mai ales pentru urechile jurnalistilor romani care – si in cazul schimbarii de putere din China – le stiu pe toate fara sa rumege suficient: The chief correspondent for a top US newspaper has admitted that he has pretty much no idea what is currently going on in China. Aici


3 Comments on “Al XVIII-lea Congres al PCC”

    • South China Morning Post, citing unnamed sources in an exclusive report, says President Hu Jintao will “relinquish his position as military chief” at the end of this congress, instead of staying on in the Central Military Commission post for two more years like his predecessor Jiang Zemin.

      If Mr Hu is indeed to step down from both party and military posts as the congress concludes, it will mark “the first clean transfer of power the Communist Party has seen in two decades”, the paper says.

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