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120 sau 144 de ciini -dupa cum se zvoneste- l-au ucis pe unchiul “singurului gras” din Phenian?

All of this raises the question: why are so many people still willing to treat this implausible story as plausible?


This seems to be a problem particular to stories out of North Korea, about which almost any story is treated as broadly credible, no matter how outlandish or thinly sourced. There’s no other country to which we bring such a high degree of gullibility.


Egypt’s latest terror suspect: The puppet Abla Fahita

The investigation of the puppet is an extreme sign of a climate of fear and paranoia in Egypt that has intensified in recent weeks:

Murdoch sells stake in Chinese television stations

Mr Murdoch met his former wife Wendy Deng in 1999 while she was working for Star China TV.