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O AGA mare ce se anunta agitata

McDonSunt insa sigur ca sunt mult mai multe mame sau bunici sunt interesate de ce si cum cu mincarea la McDonalds decit cei care dorm greu si sunt macinati de intrebarea “de ce nu l-a asteptat Ponta pe Biden la aeroport?”.

CEOs at fast food companies earn 1.000 times what the average industry’s worker earns, according to a recent report from public advocacy group Demos. The report found that fast food industry pay is one of the most unequal in the American economy.

The average hourly wage of fast food employees is $9.09, or less than $19,000 per year for a full time worker. The poverty level of a family of four in the U.S. is $23,850.

Low wage, health activists prepare McDonald’s attack


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