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Sa nu mai aud de “gender gap”

merkelFemeia asta s-a distrat iar mai bine decat mine (ii urmaresc viata de vreo cativa ani) de ziua ei plus ca face si drege prin UE.

Plus ca la inceputul lunii a tras o tura de China, a fost la doua meciuri de la CM de fotbal din Brazilia inclusiv la finala cistigata de echipa cu care tinea… ca sa nu mai zic ca a avut locuri in zona VIP.

Nu mi se pare corect si rog sa se consemneze.

Merkel’s 60th birthday brings both presents and speculation

Rezumat: “European council president Herman Van Rompuy presented her with a No 60 Germany shirt that not only looked a cheap replica version of the real thing, but also seemed to be missing the all-important fourth star denoting the team’s latest World Cup win”

Had the German Democratic Republic never collapsed, Merkel would have retired this week.

Instead, she is widely regarded as the most powerful politician in Europe, and enjoys a remarkable 77% popularity rating in Germany. Rather than collect her pension, on Thursday night Merkel will receive 1,000 guests at a party at the CDU’s Berlin HQ.

Angela, vezi ca-s cu ochii pe tine!


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