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Are si slugarnicia limite

Daca vreti sa aveti o poza document cu dumneavoastra participand la o Conferinta de la Cairo (sfarsitul celui de-al doilea razboi mondial) e suficient sa cititi articolul din linkul de mai jos.

Nu e o chestie pe care sa o luati in ras, printul (cred) Duda va va invidia pentru poza alaturi de Churchil, Stalin si – aici aveti de ales intre Mao Zedong si liderul Kuomintang – cum nu are nici tata socru, regele Mihai.

Mai tare decat orice selfie…

Bloggers ridicule Chinese film placing Mao Zedong at key wartime conference

Probleme cauzate de aranjamente

Reliable Source: Former White House head florist clashed with first lady on aesthetics :

E vorba de aranjamente florale. Complicata viata.

Austeritate in varianta Obama

White House officials say the restrictions have saved close to $3 billion and ensured that taxpayers are not paying for more boondoggles. 


What happened with the GSA in Vegas stymies federal workers :

Guinness blonda

Guinness goes blonde for U.S. market

Pentru rumegatorii de sondaje

In theory, pollsters should be some of the most accountable people in politics. You can see exactly how right or wrong they are with each campaign. And yet … Read the rest of this entry »